Social Responsibility

Working with the healthcare system to create a better healthcare environment, we believe that the significance of our company is to improve society and people’s welfare. Our constant driving force is our “devotion to society,” which propels us to achieve our goal of “sustainable operations.”

Refront IoMT aspires to become an outstanding, healthy enterprise that provides optimal healthcare services. We aim to create substantial healthcare benefits for the public, fulfill our duties as an exemplary citizen, promote social stability, and grow steadily towards excellence. With each healthcare institution as a base, we hope to bridge healthcare research markets inside and outside the country by integrating our vision, treatment, products, and services. We hope to exert positive influence on providers and hospitals so that every individual can enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our biggest mission is to become a health enterprise that fosters social stability and sustainable development by not only keeping up with the times, but also leading in innovation and promotion of healthcare quality. 


We aspire to become an influential world leader in the Internet of Medical Things. Based principally on patients’ data, we have integrated the Smart Ward and extended hospitalization infection control and pharmaceutical management. With certified, value-added clinical data, we aim to establish a new healthcare standard, to innovate and make breakthroughs, and to grow and thrive with hospitals, manufacturers, academia, partners, companies, and all healthcare professional. 

As a longstanding and trustworthy provider of technologies and services in the Chinese healthcare market, we have engaged in interdisciplinary cooperation with manufacturers of equipment, consumables, pharmaceuticals, and technologies as well as with hospitals. We hope to serve as a platform that connects the Chinese world to the international smart healthcare system. 


Our mission is to improve healthcare quality for patients to enjoy a safer medical environment. We hope that every hospital in the greater China area can have access to the world's most advanced medical equipment, the latest technologies, and the most comprehensive Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). We think from perspective of the hospital, healthcare professionals, and patients. From such perspectives, we hope to provide solutions to make hospital management more effective and with lower costs; to make the work of medical staff simpler, more efficient and more accurate, and to offer patients a higher-quality medical experience with better results.

Refront IoMT Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. After adjustments to its operations, the direction of management was expanded to three main product lines, Smart Ward, Smart Pharmacy, and Smart infection Control. We are a professional system integrator that provides smart healthcare solutions with capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, distribution, interdisciplinary integration, and after-sales service and maintenance. We have set up branch offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, which provide hospitals throughout the greater China area with complete and smart integrated healthcare solutions and services. 

With the future integration of robot and AI technologies, we expect that Refront IoMT can help create hospitals of tomorrow where “everything is smart, everything is connected” and where information and creativity drives us to the future of healthcare.


Refront IoMT Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. As a professional system integrator, we focus on internet of medical things and provide the three main product solution, Smart Ward, Smart Pharmacy and Smart infection Control to our customer. With our patient-oriented approach, we expect to help transform hospitals into safer, reliable and efficient smart hospitals.

2019 January

Healthcare Extension

The company officially became the distributor of Rooti’s ECG recorder in Taiwan. Our service for patients has been extended from the inside of the hospital to the outside.

2019 January

Reaching out to the World

Overseas branches opened in Singapore and Hong Kong; assisted TTSH in Singapore to set up wireless physiological measuring equipment throughout the hospital; obtained distributor rights for automated dispensing cabinet in Hong Kong.

2018 December

Inhouse Developed Products Launch the Market

The Smart Ward products developed by our company were officially delivered to be used in the National Taiwan University Cancer Center.

2018 December

Entering Automation

We became the official distributor for Loccioni, the company that created the world’s first automatic drug compounding system, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

2018 June

Strategic Adjustment

The company adjusted the direction of its operations, integrating software and hardware R&D with the sales teams for the purpose of turning the company into a professional provider of smart healthcare solutions.

2015 February


Refront IoMT is established.